Kenn Viselman and Toonz Media Launch itsy bitsy Animation

Kenn Viselman and Toonz Media Launch itsy bitsy Animation

Children’s and family entertainment producer Kenn Viselman and global kids and family entertainment major Toonz Media Group have joined hands to launch itsy bitsy Animation with plans to create both animated family feature films and television series!

Kids’ and family entertainment producer Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Moonzy) and India’s powerhouse studio Toonz Media have launched Itsy bitsy Animation. Plans are for the new partnership to introduce a new project each year, beginning with the series Li’l Pet Hospital. Itsy Bitsy Animation will create both animated family features and TV series “that inspire empathy, compassion and belly laughs.”

“It has been a dream of mine to have a home for my work and thanks to the inspiring and glorious team at Toonz that dream is now a reality” says Viselman. “Because of its origins, I am delighted Li’l Pet Hospital is the first project for this collaboration. Few people know that I was scheduled to be on one of the planes during 911 and was miraculously rescheduled on to another flight. For weeks after, I experienced a pendulum of emotions going from complete joy to total sadness and everything in between and channeled those deeply personal feelings into Li’l Pet Hospital. Over the years the LPH stories of empathy and compassion have sold hundreds of thousands of books and plush and I am now, with the help and strength of Toonz,  finally ready to share these lovely, fun & funny, animated stories with the world.”

“We are convinced about the potential of Kenn Viselman’s content and delighted to see the birth of itsy bitsy Animation,” says P Jayakuma, CEO of Toonz Media Group. “We are excited to select Li’l Pet Hospital as our first project and we both align on a common objective, which is making kids and family happy,” P Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Media Group said.

Toonz will also be joining MeteoHeroes, ICEE, Atlanta Children’s Film Festival and a number of other established brands on Viselman’s newly formed online “entertainment emporium” itsy bitsy World of Wonders. The site will also serve as an interactive online experience. At least 10% of every purchase is donated to charity, according to the CEO.


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