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At Toonz, we’re looking to fundamentally change how people perceive games and how they engage in it. We see blockchain as a transformational technology where games transcend from mobile-based free-to-play format to Web3-based play-to-earn format. Web3 game development is a new paradigm in the gaming world that is based on blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain technology enables developers to create games that are decentralised, meaning they are not controlled by any single entity. As Blockchain and Metaverse hit the mainstream, global brands are beginning to invest in new digital marketing strategies to engage with customers.

Toonz designs and develops decentralised games as well as end-to-end Metaverse based on custom requirements. Our development team has hands-on experience in building blockchain-based games and Metaverse that any brand can leverage and engage with. Using cutting-edge game engines and development tools we create Web3 games across different genres such as RPG, shooters, Platformers, Strategy, etc.

Game Engines

We use industry-best game engines including Unity and Unreal Engine to develop intuitive and fascinating games.

3D/2D Tools

In today’s fast evolving gaming market, it is also important that a variety of tools are used to create unique gaming experiences, like the ones below:

Game Art

Game Art includes a gamut of intricate details that give games their unique identity. With our talented team of game artists, you can immerse yourself in rich environments created with out-of-the-world visuals and graphics. Our gaming artists are adept at:

Game Design and Development

Game design and development is a combination of artistic and technical capabilities, with some writing skills. Our multi-talented game designers and software programmers work hand in hand to create stunning graphics with mind blowing game play to make it a reality for you.