Can AI Replace Artists?


Can AI Replace Artists?

With rapid technological advancements, there are more machines and appliances available to do chores which are repetitive and menial, as such chores do not require sophisticated intelligence. While computers have been around for a long time, it’s the application of AI for computer-generated art that’s been giving sleepless nights to many artists.

Artificial Intelligence in Art

The application of artificial intelligence in numerous fields has replaced many jobs, leading to a more competitive job market. AI is now being increasingly applied in the field of generational art and animation, with the end result being equally good and available in a much shorter time span. This has led to the speculation that AI art could soon replace human creativity.

What is AI Art

The end-product of AI generated images cannot be considered as true art. This is because true art is meant to convey a message, an emotion, or portray a concept through self-imagination and creativity.

AI art, on the other hand, is the product of inputting thousands of images of an object into a program, and then with a simple text description, it can be commanded to generate an image. An example is the DALL-E art generator which uses algorithms to spit out the desired image. However, this revolutionary AI-generated imagery cannot be considered as true art, despite its visual attractiveness.

Can AI Art replace Artists?

Though it looks like a big possibility that AI art could actually replace human artists, there’s a need for an in-depth analysis. A similar scenario played out with the oil/water paint artists in the 1800s when cameras and prints came into existence. They too had become insecure about their trade, but the end-result was a greater appreciation for handmade paintings, even to this day. Similarly, the power of art and animation created by human artists will always garner greater interest and monetary value as compared to the computer-generated images that can be created within a few minutes!

Ann Ploin of the Oxford Internet Institute believes that AI art generators won’t replace human art but will only supplement their work, enabling them to produce better quality pieces within a shorter time. Though some aspects of the creative process might get replaced by AI, the critical creative decision-making part cannot be taken over by AI technology. For instance, an AI machine cannot be trained to produce art in connection with different worldly situations because that’s something only human beings can perceive and act upon. 

AI Art isn’t Autonomous

Artistic creativity also involves coming up with a concept of what to create, the materials required and the associated message that needs to be conveyed to the audience. As expected, AI models cannot extrapolate this decision-making process on their own and create new styles and movements because they cannot function autonomously.


AI art can never replace human artists as they will always be required to choose the subject and its surroundings for producing the desired results. Even though generative AI art may look great, it still needs help from the human artist.

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