Toonz Media Group: character-driven shows to engage


Toonz Media Group: character-driven shows to engage

Toonz Media Group completed a great presence at MIPCOM Cannes with a slate focusing on character-driven shows. Read this news coverage as we successfully wrap up our stint at Cannes.

Toonz Media Group concluded off a strong presence in Cannes with a slate highlighted by “The Black Diamond Race,” a series that was formally chosen by the committee for the Animation Pitching Forum at MIA and was developed by TMG with Gruppo Alcuni.

The series is at the same pre-sale and development stage as “Swat Kats Revolution”, with Tremblay Brothers, leading Stem IP “Goldie and Friends,” with Scott Peterson serving as head writer, and “Phineas and Ferb, and The Last Kids on Earth,” to mention a few.

The Tremblay Brothers’ “Harold and the Bears” and Keith and Emily Chapman’s “PaddyPaws” are two more highlights of MIPJunior and MIPCOM, according to Bruno Zarka, president of distribution and feature films. Both of these series are now in development.

The executive concludes, “Toonz is offering distinctive character-driven shows that are crafted by some of the top talents in the world. To maintain the distinct DNA of creator-crafted shows, we are continuously on the lookout for authenticity, which drives our interaction with such top-class creators.

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