Market In Focus: MIA’s Popular Co-Production Forum Set To Welcome Pitches From Dario Argento & Wim Wenders’ Niece


Market In Focus: MIA’s Popular Co-Production Forum Set To Welcome Pitches From Dario Argento & Wim Wenders’ Niece

We are thrilled to share that The Black Diamond Race, coproduced by Toonz Media Group with Gruppo Alcuni is selected in Animation Pitch at MIA.

It’s been eight years since the key film and TV market MIA kicked off in Rome, and each year its popular co-production market and pitching forum seem to get stronger and more successful.

This year, the strand will include animation for the first time and will give local producers the opportunity to showcase their projects to an audience of industry professionals, global studios, OTT platforms, broadcasters, production and distribution companies, agents and financiers.

This year at the Deadline, there are already some great pitches for new shows that are sure to create a buzz. In the drama section, Dario Argento, an Italian master of horror, is pitching a new series called Crimson Crown. This will be the first series that he has executive produced, and he will also be directing the first episode. The series is created by Mandi Riggi, who is a Bafta crew member, and Eric Dupont is the creative producer. Media Musketeers and IlBe Entertainment are co-producing the series internationally.

In the newer animation section, a project that stands out is The Black Diamond Race, produced by the well-known Italian animation production company Gruppo Alcuni. The story, created by Sergio and Francesco Manifio, is about a wealthy Maharaja who’s challenged to a car race for a prize of four priceless diamonds.

“More and more big companies are starting to focus on local projects,” says Gaia Tridente, MIA’s new director for 2022. “What’s totally reshaping global production is that everyone is looking for something that works in terms of story, not just in terms of corporate action based on some elements that refer to different countries. It’s totally affecting a new way of producing and writing stories.”

“I think it’s an exciting time for artists,” says Tridente. “In my job, I hope that I can give the same attractive offering that MIA has done in the past while also branching into new segments.” As the newly appointed Director of Business Affairs and Marketing for Tridente, he is looking to increase sales and grow the company by expanding their reach to new customer segments.–LrDAVOGagqhb07IFbkYAjPkWUWPU3xFCY

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