Celebrating Animation Excellence: Highlights from the  Animation Masters Summit 2023


Celebrating Animation Excellence: Highlights from the  Animation Masters Summit 2023

The Animation Masters Summit, presented by Toonz Media Group in collaboration with  ToonBoom, AVXRG Nepal, and esteemed partners such as ASIFA India, WIA, MESC, SAIK,  Animation Express, Technopark, and HiPoint Connect, made a triumphant return on May 12th  and 13th, 2023. After a prolonged wait during the pandemic, the summit came back stronger  than ever, showcasing the resilience and unwavering spirit of the animation community. AMS  2023 generated significant buzz among animation enthusiasts and marked a milestone in  overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic, demonstrating the industry’s unwavering  commitment to progress and creativity.

Upholding the AMS Spirit:

Throughout the pandemic, the Animation Masters Summit remained steadfast in keeping the  festival alive through an online platform, ensuring that attendees could still experience the  excitement and knowledge-sharing that the event has become known for. The panel of  masters, who have been an integral part of the summit in recent years, continued to contribute  their expertise, enhancing the overall experience for participants.

"Reimagining Entertainment, Now and Beyond":

The chosen theme for Animation Masters Summit 2023, “Reimagining Entertainment, Now and  Beyond,” symbolized the summit’s ability to adapt and transform in response to changing  times. The pandemic necessitated a reimagining of the summit’s formats, opening new  avenues for the animation industry to evolve. This year’s event showcased masters from fresh  and groundbreaking fields of animation, visual effects, gaming, and the creative community,  providing valuable insights into the industry’s future direction and extending its reach beyond  animation alone.

Inauguration by Industry Stalwarts:

The Animation Masters Summit 2023 was inaugurated by prominent industry figures, including  Mr. Shyamaprasad, Mr. Sanjeev Nair (CEO of Technopark), Ms. Priyanka Ajith (Manager,  Women in Animation – WIA India collective), and representatives from ASIFA India. These  individuals, who have been game-changers in the industry, set the tone for the highly  anticipated event, exemplifying the achievements and progress of Indian animation.

Captivating Sessions with Renowned Masters:

The summit featured captivating sessions with renowned masters, representing a more  diversified range of expertise. Mr. Akhauri P Sinha, Managing Director of Framestore India,  shared his extensive experience in film, TV, and VFX. Mr. Damian Perea, a renowned film  director and producer with over 25 years of animation industry expertise, delivered insights and  knowledge. Mr. Darrpan Mehta, a highly acclaimed and versatile voice artist, brought his two  decades of experience and entrepreneurial contributions to the voice acting industry. Dr. Milind  Damle, an accomplished film and TV editing professional and esteemed faculty member at FTII  Pune, shared his profound expertise in the field. Mr. Siddharth Maskeri, a renowned Creator Storyteller, presented his expertise in Indian Cinema, animated series, and value-based  content. Mr. Rajat Ojha, a 27-year industry veteran and top influencer in the global VR/AR  industry, discussed the evolving landscape of immersive experiences. Ms. Rupali Gatti, a  renowned Visual Development Artist and Production Designer, showcased her expertise in  Environmental Design for various media formats. These masters collectively demonstrated the  summit’s evolution into a more diversified event, covering a broader spectrum of the industry’s  evolution.

Honoring the Legacy of Mr. Bill Dennis:

The Animation Masters Summit 2023 held particular significance as it honored the legacy of  the late Mr. Bill Dennis, founder of Toonz Media Group and the Animation Masters Summit. Mr.  Dennis’s contributions to Indian animation were celebrated during this momentous year. His  visionary leadership and invaluable contributions have shaped the landscape of Indian animation, and his legacy continues to inspire and guide the industry as it moves forward. The impact of the Animation Masters Summit extends beyond the event itself. Mr. Dennis’s  journey began with “Week with the Masters,” a groundbreaking initiative that brought together  industry veterans to share their knowledge and experiences. This event eventually evolved into  the Animation Masters Summit we know today. Mr. Dennis’s dedication and passion for  nurturing talent and fostering collaboration laid the foundation for this remarkable gathering of  animation enthusiasts. 

The Animation Masters Summit has served as a catalyst for the growth and development of  young talents, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. The gathering of industry  professionals and aspiring animators created an environment where minds converged, and  new opportunities emerged.

Looking Ahead:

Reflecting on the Animation Masters Summit 2023, we celebrate its impact on attendees and  its expansion beyond the event itself. Breaking free from previous confines, the summit  reached out to the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics) and creative  community, showcasing the resilience and ingenuity of the animation industry during  challenging times. 

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate future editions of this remarkable event. The success of  the Animation Masters Summit 2023 can be attributed to the tireless efforts of the AMS team,  led by festival director Mr. Anish Narayanan Kutty and CEO Mr. P. Jayakumar. The summit  serves as a catalyst for the growth of young talents and fosters collaboration within the  industry. 

As we conclude the Animation Masters Summit 2023, we take pride in the accomplishments  achieved and the invaluable connections made. The summit has elevated the animation  industry and set the stage for continued excellence in storytelling, creativity, and technical  expertise. 

With each passing year, the Animation Masters Summit evolves and surpasses expectations. In  2024, we eagerly anticipate the next edition, which will mark the 25th anniversary of Toonz  Media Group, the organization that founded the summit. This milestone anniversary adds an  extra layer of excitement and anticipation. As we reflect on the journey so far, we imagine the  incredible lineup of sessions, masters, and surprises that await us in the upcoming edition. The Animation Masters Summit is a testament to the indomitable spirit and limitless potential of  Indian animation. Together, we will push the boundaries of the industry and create a vibrant  future. The summit serves as a beacon of inspiration and innovation, guiding the animation  industry towards new horizons. It continues to foster growth, collaboration, and excellence in  animation. 

Embracing the challenges and seizing the opportunities, we will create a thriving animation  industry. The journey continues, and the Animation Masters Summit will be there every step of  the way. Let us eagerly await what the future holds, as we come together to celebrate the art of  animation and its related fields.

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