2023 Metaverse & Beyond: More Virtual Experiences and Trending NFTs and Games


2023 Metaverse & Beyond: More Virtual Experiences and Trending NFTs and Games

There has been an immersive evolution ongoing since the turn of this decade and this augmented and mixed-reality enhancement is expected to make daily life better for people in many ways. About half a billion people globally are expected to be living in a more refined and more immersive virtual metaverse world by 2040. Metaverse is a combination of the virtual world with the real world to create an immersive online space which is expected to develop further and become more refined in the coming years.


The metaverse is a virtual world that mirrors the physical world, but it isn’t aimed at replacing the real world, but to enhance the digital space. The metaverse took center stage during 2021-2022 and it was spurred further by Facebook revamping its brand as ‘Meta’. Metaverse is presently made up of immersive XR (extended reality) spaces where automated entities and humans can interact – all thanks to AR and VR technology. These interactions can occur as:

  • Interactions via augmented reality apps on phones and computers
  • Interactions in more-immersive domains in the gaming industry and fantasy worlds
  • Interactions in ‘mirror worlds’ that try to duplicate real-life environments.


The Asian continent is the clear leader in gaming and implementation of emerging technologies. Hundreds of companies including giants like Google, Microsoft and Meta Inc are interested in the potential that the metaverse offers. Billions of dollars are being invested in its development, with its being touted as the ‘future of the internet’ – and NFTs, Blockchain games and cloud gaming being the future. 

Gaming and blockchain-based games are touted to be the biggest metaverse trends of 2023, with the most notable ones being Axie Infinity (AXS), Sandbox (SAND), Enjin (ENJ) and Decentraland (MANA). While gaming will be the biggest trend, there will also be significant growth in NFTs, decentralized communities and virtual experiences. This 3D, immersive online world is expected to benefit society in every way – education, healthcare, arts, civic life, gaming and entertainment, etc.


There is no two ways about it, metaverse is here to stay and has been linked to most of human activities. Here’s a look at some metaverse applications:

Gaming Powered by blockchain and Web3, metaverse is poised to make multiplayer games even more realistic. Players only need a digital avatar to be able to play immersive video games and earn rewards as NFTs. These non-fungible tokens will further boost the metaverse economy.

Zoom meetings Metaverse can take your Zoom meetings to the next level too. You can now meet up your colleagues in a virtual space, so that your Zoom meetings go beyond just the screen.

Shopping Online When shopping in the metaverse, you can hold objects and see them from all angles, try on clothes virtually or checkout appliances before buying them. This makes for better online shopping experiences.

Live events Even if physical limitations prevent you from attending a live event, you can still attend it virtually through the metaverse. You can go to concerts, gallery openings, sports events, travel and enjoy other forms of entertainment as you interact, dance or meditate with your friends – from the comfort of your home!

NFTs NFTs are key components fueling the metaverse, allowing users to purchase virtual goods and own exclusive rights to them. NFTs can be used to build assets, exchange or buy new properties, gain access to events, etc.

Aside from all these, metaverse has also been linked with activities like Virtual Tourism, e-Sports and even Medical Consultations. In this way, the metaverse has enabled people to achieve things not possible in the physical world. Metaverse is no longer just a concept, but the future of this world!

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