Gaming Trends That Are Going to Rule the Industry


Gaming Trends That Are Going to Rule the Industry

Recent Trends That Will Shape The Gaming Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently led to a tremendous growth in the gaming industry, as people had to stay home to be safe. Movies and online gaming became major sources of entertainment and the implementation of newer technologies in game production led to radical transformations, making online gaming even more outstanding and interactive than ever before. 

It’s estimated that the global gaming revenues will rise from $139 billion in 2020 to $203.1 billion in 2022. The global players in 2022 will be around 3.24 billion players with Asia leading the way in the gaming market with 1.48 billion players, followed by Europe (715 million players). And with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in the development of games, the gaming trends to watch out for include the following:

AR Gaming

Augmented Reality (AR) is a combination of game graphics and audio features with real world, allowing players to interact with the graphics in seemingly real-time. As compared to Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, which may require special VR gear and a fixed location, AR games can be played anywhere on smartphones or other portable gaming systems.

Gaming with Cryptocurrency

The immense popularity of cryptocurrency has led to the creation of cryptocurrency-based gaming and advanced blockchain networks using cutting-edge technologies. Cryptocurrency based gaming is trending now as it allows players to own a part of the game and resources and purchases from one game can be easily transferred to other linked games. Backed by robust data encryption technology, blockchains have become a revolutionary platform for earning and storing in-gaming assets.

Gaming and 5G

The advantages of high speeds and reliability makes 5G networks more convenient and user-friendly for gamers. They are gaining increasing popularity as gamers wont waste precious time spent in buffering when playing prize-based competitions. 5G brings low latency which would boost 3D virtual world,e- Sports Cloud gaming and AR/VR consumption.

Cloud-based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming by providers such as Google and Microsoft have been around for a long time, with their worldwide reach and adaptability being its strongest point. Cloud-based gaming, or on-demand gaming, eliminates the need for installation of the gaming on a device; instead, high-speed internet connection is necessary for streaming access to players. Therefore high fidelity gaming visuals can be played in relatively low end devices which otherwise would consume a lot of GPU. 

Competitive Gaming and eSports

Though esports have been around for some time, they have been expanding rapidly into the gaming business and are preferred by professional gamers. It’s estimated that the global eSport industry would grow by about 50% from the previous year to reach $1 billion by 2022, and would be well over $2 billion before 2022 is over. It’s expected to continue in the coming years too.

Gaming Accessories

Wearable electronic gadgets serve to enhance gaming experiences as they have sensors which inspect, measure, monitor and analyze a gamers performance in real-time. This data helps gaming companies improve the gaming experience of players.

Gaming and Smartphones

With the increasing use of smartphones globally, the mobile gaming industry is expected to continue its upward growth and cross over 1.5 billion users by 2022. Additionally, mobile gaming apps are easily accessible on Google Play Store and App Store, allowing gamers to easily download their favorite games onto their smartphones and play online whenever they want! The gaming industry is expected to latch onto this trend and invest and profit from this segment of players.

To maintain a competitive advantage, design your future games around these gaming trends and reap handsome profits too!

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