How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing Storytelling


How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing Storytelling

The 21st century is witnessing a revolutionary change in the concept of storytelling with the advent of Virtual Reality technology. You no longer have to be asleep now to escape into a dream-like reality – Virtual Reality (VR) helps you escape temporarily into a world where anything is possible even while you are wide awake!

Today VR is being applied in films, videogames, amusement parks, etc. It employs the use of special goggles, headphones and hand-held controls. Here’s a look at how VR technology is enabling viewers experience a whole new level of digital storytelling:

Getting Connected

VR enhances immersive storytelling by engaging the senses and emotions of the viewer at a deeper level. It creates a connection between the main character in the narrative and the person watching. A perfect use of VR is in videogames. In many of these games, the gamer is facilitated to effortlessly slip into the role of the protagonist in the game. The end result of VR application here is that reality is gone and you get immersed into the game with no boundaries.

And when VR is applied to a movie, the viewer gets completely immersed into the storyline by being given the identity of the main character. As the viewer, you will be able to move, see and perform specific functions in the VR environment. . The end result is you walk away from the movie having experienced a much deeper connection.


Virtual reality is revolutionizing storytelling by taking the viewer through a different dimension that involves constant motion,  amply aided with sights and sounds. VR works by cutting you from reality and immersing you into the virtual world using tools like VR goggles. With the brain processing an image in 13 milliseconds, the VR frame needs to move according to the movement of your head within 50 milliseconds or less. Any time lag here could result in a disorienting effect. To avoid blurry visuals, the VR frame rate needs to change quickly enough to fool your brain into thinking the visual changed in tune with your movement.

Hands-on Experiences

Watching videos or playing digital games using VR technology changes you from just being a viewer to being a participant. The 3-D field of vision and the 360 degrees sound capability along with interactive controllers make you more empathetic to what you are watching. Advances in audio and video technology have allowed VR to get to the stage where the virtual world feels amazingly realistic.

VR technology is set to defy all concepts of reality as it evolves even further. To explore how VR can enhance your project,  check in with Toonz Media Group, a world leader in creating top-class entertainment content across various platforms on a global scale. Toonz is a 360-degree media powerhouse offering services in content creation, production, distribution, digital media exploitation, gaming, AR/VR and other upcoming media technologies.

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