Toonz Distribution

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Since its establishment in 1999, Toonz Media Group has collaborated with animation and live action producers across the globe to develop, produce and distribute world class entertainment content for kids and families. With our established credentials and long-standing pedigree of international productions/co-productions, we ensure the properties receive the marketing and revenue scale they deserve, and also exploit multiple platforms in all the territories we network. Thereby creating a brand-channel-customer relationship over the entire product life cycle.

The Spain based Imira Entertainment, a wholly owned Toonz company, with its offices in Madrid and Barcelona is the centre of our global distribution activities which include Europe, North America, Latin America and the Africas. The APAC division, which takes care of both Asian and Middle Eastern territories, is located in India. We represent a large premium catalogue of not only own IPs, but also of studios like Xilam, Zodiak, Scholastic to name a few. Being the pioneer in the industry in India and a major player in Asia, we are by far one of the largest content providers for kids channels in Asia Pacific. Our Digital and L&M teams specialize in distributing programs across multiple platforms through our partnership with broadcasters, VOD, digital channels and ancillary rights, thereby garnering maximum value and revenues out of every IP.

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