Feature Film

The Little Mermaid

A beautiful mermaid princess is enjoying a joyful and carefree life beneath the waves until a sea captain’s daughter falls into the stormy ocean waters. Unable to deny the calling in her heart, she saves the young girl and reunites her with her father on the ship-despite the Sea-God’s warning not to intervene. Little does the mermaid princess know her rescue adventures are just beginning!

Soon the captain is pursued by pirates, who run the ship ashore a rocky island. But when the captain, his daughter and the pirates are all attacked by a dangerous giant, the kind-hearted mermaid princess must choose between following the ocean’s strict rules and saving her new human pals.

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Talent & Crew

Director : Adam Qiu
Production Studio : Gold Valley Films
Running Time : 77 min
Genre : Animation, Adventure
Country of Origin : USA, China