Toonz Animation India, the international animation production division of Toonz Media Group based in Trivandrum, India, and the Korean producer XrisP Co. Ltd proudly announce the co-production and global distribution deal they have signed for ‘The Story of Bookworm GOGO’, that will become a 104 episode by 5 minutes series.

The 104x5’ series is based on a concept developed by XrisP and follows the enchanting stories of GOGO, a curious bookworm who ventures into the stack of books piled up inside the used bookstore where he lives.

The edutainment series aimed at 0-4-year olds is designed to help young children develop their creative, imaginative and expressive capabilities while at the same time learn lessons through the various original stories and well-known fairy-tales that the adventures depict.

Set in a New York bookstore, GOGO picks up a different book for each episode and goes on a journey as the pop-up book he chooses come alive. Accompanied by WeGo and IGO, optimistic and positive bookworms who are somewhat nervous and scared, together they live bright and beautiful adventures taking them to many fantasy lands full of fascinating animals and characters, and a world that both amazes and delights.

The pre and post-production of the series will be carried out by XrisP out of its Korean studio, while the production will be done at Toonz’s Studio in Trivandrum, southern India. XrisP will handle distribution in Asia and Imira Entertainment, Toonz Media Group’s kids and family specialized distribution arm, will be responsible for distribution throughout the rest of the world.

Toonz Media Group CEO, Mr P. Jayakumar comments Toonz always believes in shows with soul, which not only entertain, but enrich kids. GOGO is an amazing character and in Xrisp we found the perfect partner to collaborate. I am positive that ‘The Story of Bookworm GOGO’ will amaze and enrich kids across the globe”. 

XrisP’s CEO, Mr Xris Sohn adds “Nowadays, there are so many characters coming to the market that I believe to be competitive in this industry, I should focus on planning stable storylines as well as charming characters. We have concentrated on content planning which is a strength of XrisP, and we have created ‘The story of Bookworm GOGO’ which is educational, fun and entertaining that kids can enjoy. I am very delightful that I can start this animation with Toonz Media Group with anticipation”.