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Synopsis: With the help of fairy mother Crystal, Cinderella and her three fellow mice manage to get away from the attic they live in and make their way to the Royal Ball at the palace. But they soon discover a terrible secret: the real Prince has been turned into a mouse by the Wicked Witch, and the Prince standing in front of everyone at the royal ball is a fake! After the Witch orders Cinderella’s arrest, Crystal leads Cinderella and her three fellow mice away to find refuge at the Sacred Place, where they find the mysterious magic ring. After trials and tribulations, Cinderella help restore the Prince to his true self. The Prince takes on the Wicked Witch, trying to get his palace back and during the intense battle, the Witch turns Cinderella into stone. Now only the Prince, wearing the magical ring, is able to wake her up, but if he loses the ring, he will transform back into a mouse.

More Information

Animated Feature Film : 87 min
Audience : 6+
Genre : Magical Adventure
Country of Origin : USA, China
Co-Producers : Gold Valley Entertainment
Year of Production : 2017
International Non-Theatrical Sales
Agent : Toonz Entertainment
Director : Lynn Southerland