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Toonz has been transforming the entertainment industry for the past two decades and now it empowers more with its Immersive Reality expertise. One of the early foot-setters in this industry, our solutions spans into creating enticing VR, AR, and MR based experiences such as VR Cinemas, Games, custom scenarios and VR Arcade solutions. With our vast digital capabilities, we create amazing virtual environments and characters to make the experiences spellbinding for users. Toonz as well provides real-time visualization and mobility through Augmented Reality games and applications that are integrated with AI and Voices assistances, making them truly immersive for users with smartphones and tablets.

Application Development

The scope spans into Gaming and Experience creation for standalone or wired VR headsets, AR-based applications for supported android and apple devices and AR web-based experiences.

Game Design

The core element of a game, our expertise in design involves developing game narratives, sketching characters, designing different game levels, building up prototypes and scripting.

CGs & Animations

The scopes expand into 2D and 3D animations.

In 3D, we involve in modeling characters, building environments, visualizing architecture, texturing, rendering and lighting any scenarios. In 2D we are all about creating concept arts, storyboards, developing UI UX and infographics for games.