Feature Film

Robin and the Hood

For the tenacious 11-year old Robin and her loyal band of friends ‘The Hoods’, the patch of overgrown scrubland at the end of their cul-de-sac is a magical kingdom. Sticks and bin lids have become swords and shields, drones have become majestic eagles and the old hippy guy living in the forest is a terrifying warlock, with a penchant for mysteriously ‘magic’ mushrooms. The only thing beyond their colourful imaginations is losing their kingdom forever…

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Talent & Crew

Director: Phil Hawkins Writers: Stuart Benson, Paul Davidson
Cast: Naomi Harris, Gwendoline Christie
Producers: Future Artists, Silver Reel, Sky, Toonz
Running Time: 90 min
Language: English
Genre: Family, Adventure, Fantasy
Country of Origin: UK, Ireland
Status: In Production
Delivery: Q2 – 2024