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Rigging Supervisor

August 13, 2022
  • Description/Profile

    Responsibilities for rigging Supervisor

    • Participate in troubleshooting and testing new requirements.
    • Responsible for the integration of rigs into the show pipeline.
    • Build and maintain character animation rigs of varying complexity (Biped and quadruped rigs, hero and background characters, motion capture rigs, face rigs etc) with minimal supervision and within the studio pipeline
    • Process requests from other departments within the pipeline
    • Use time management skills to attend meetings and tasks effectively
    • Ability to efficiently manage tasks across multiple shows within the facility
    • Work with our production team to most effectively schedule the work, including casting the work to the strengths of the individuals in the Rigging team
    • Receive creative feedback from the CGI Creative and Technical Director, and translate those into more specific and technical notes for the Rigging team
    • Communicate well with all members of the Rigging, Production and Supervision teams
    • Promote teamwork interdepartmental collaboration


  • Eligibility / Experience

    Qualifications for rigging Supervisor

    • Experience in MEL / Python / C++/PERL scripting (python preferred)
    • Ability to complete quality control on individual work and the team’s work.
    • Work with animators to design and revise motion controls
    • Apply knowledge of character pipeline and workflow techniques to assigned tasks
    • Design and script utilities/tools/plugins (advantageous)
    • Review and give feedback on topology of the 3D models
    • Experience in hair system integration (Xgen, Nhair, Yeti)
    • Experience in muscle system (Ziva)
    • Experience in rigging system Autorig, advanced skeleton


  • More Details

    Applicant should be a native of Kerala*

    This is a work from office position**

    Work Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

    Send in your resume to [email protected]

    Visit us at www.toonz.co