Production Manager

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Production Manager

March 10, 2023
  • Description/Profile

    Toonz Media Group, one of the world’s leading kids and family entertainment companies, is looking for an experienced Production Manager.

    Job Overview

    Some of the important duties of a Production Manager are,

    ●      Ensuring clients’ demands are met

    ●      Keeping an eye on ongoing projects

    ●      Assigning tasks to the team members

    ●      Supervising the technical and creative staff of the studio

    ●      Should possess extraordinary communication skills with the ability to meet deadlines

    ●      Should have good accounting and adaptability skills

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    ●      Overseeing the studio team members

    ●      Providing space and equipment for the clients

    ●      Responsible for achieving top-tier performance metrics including but not limited to revenue, inventory, payroll, cost controls, and facilities maintenance

    ●      Scheduling calls and meetings with clients

    ●      Ensure necessary staffing levels to satisfy studio demand while remaining within the studio budget

    ●      Host monthly staff meetings as well as 1-on-1 meetings with each Team Member and Lead, Directors, and Production Team

    ●      Supervising team members and overseeing daily operations

    ●      Performing administrative duties such as billing, invoices, etc.

    ●      Troubleshooting and repairing studio equipment

    ●      Assisting in training the new team members

    ●      Working in collaboration with the Production Team and Technical Director

    ●      Maintaining a strong relationship with the clients

  • Eligibility / Experience


    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Proven work experience as a Studio Manager or a related field in the Media industry
    • Excellent knowledge of studio equipment and devices
    • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
    • Must possess excellent leadership and management skills to create a positive, successful environment for staff and clients
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize them as well
    • Strong decision-making skills
    • Outstanding interpersonal and organisational skills
    • Strong administrative and sales skills
    • Excellent problem-solving and networking skills
    • Ability to remain calm under pressure
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Tools
    • A keen eye on details for accuracy
    • Great time management skills
    • Strong work ethic
    • Hard-working and reliable individual
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