Producer (3D)

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Producer (3D)

March 24, 2022
  • Description/Profile

    Job Summary

    • Delivering the project on time to the Customer as per the contract. If any deviation is foreseen, the same must be communicated and agreed with the Customer.
    • Deliver the show as per the benchmarked quality.
    • Flagging issues and providing feasible solutions to address it.
    • Ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Provide a detailed project plan to the Customer and get it signed off.
    • Share Weekly and Monthly Project report to both Customer and Management.
    • Project Estimation and Scheduling
    • Managing Vendors.Regular interaction with Vendors, Clients and Management.
    • Sharing Weekly and Monthly reports with Customer and Management.
    • Conduct Biweekly status review meetings with the Customer
    • Publish Minutes of Meeting post any meeting with Customer or Vendor using the template defined.
    • Preparation of Pre-Production checklist and provide sign off.
    • Risk identification and mitigation. Obtain a minimum score of Very Good in any Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted.
    • Preparing Detailed Project Plan and getting sign off from the Customer.
    • All packages submitted to the Vendor or Customer should be validated on the checklist and ensure that all artifacts are in place.
    •  P&L Responsibilities / Invoice Handling

    Open Positions:  2

  • Eligibility / Experience

    5 to 8 years (Business Operations Experience Preferred)

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