Marketing Coordinator

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Marketing Coordinator

September 28, 2023
  • Description/Profile

    Manage operations within respective departments in HO and Assist the Feature film division in day-to-day activities:

    Nature of work

    • Interaction with departments internally and liaison between teams to create marketing materials
    • Work closely with in-house marketing dept. to design marketing materials for individual feature films
    • Produce creative content, including videos and blog posts along with social media/website team
    • Maintain and update customer databases
    • Conduct market research and prepare quarterly competitive analysis
    • Assist team during prep for film/trade markets  and follow up after trade markets

    Must be well-versed in 

    • Ms Word
    • Ms Excel
    • Ms PowerPoint


    • Effective communication skill
    • Presentation skill
    • Decision-making skill
    • Time management


  • Eligibility / Experience
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