Freelance Lighting Artist

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Freelance Lighting Artist

June 9, 2020
  • Description/Profile

    Job Summary

      • Strong understanding of color theory and practical lighting concepts
      • Solid knowledge of working within a HDR pipeline and tasteful balancing of post process screen effects
      • Knowledge of a wide range of game lighting techniques (vertex baking, lightmaps, light probes, dynamic, etc)
      • Able to take initial direction and color keys and use interpretive judgment to light gameplay spaces to a high degree of polish and playability
      • Demonstrate an understanding of a range of illustrative lighting styles
      • Efficient organization and communication skills and ability to prioritize and execute ideas within a schedule
      • Excellent technical and artistic problem solving skills

    Skills Required

      • Strong traditional art background
      • Practical lighting, cinematography, or 2d illustration experience
      • Detailed technical knowledge of game lighting and material pipeline concepts

    *Note: Please send samples of your work with your application.

  • Eligibility / Experience

    3+ years as Lighting Artist

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