Animation Director – 2D

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Animation Director – 2D

June 25, 2020
  • Description/Profile

    Job summary

    Animation Directors are responsible for the quality of the animation for delivering consistent performances by assigning, or casting, the appropriate animators.  He/She also makes sure the creative desires and production requirements are met, which means, the animation director must be able to negotiate with both departments to reach the best for the  production.

    Preferred Skills

      • Demonstrated expertise in the following: animation, sketching and drawing skills
      • Strong understanding of drawing human, animal, creature anatomy as per perspectives to deal with dynamic camera angles, foreshortening etc.
      • Strong working  knowledge of Flash and Toon Boom Harmony.
      • Experience building new pipelines.
      • Outstanding understanding of shape, composition, physical motion, weight and balance
      • Strong 2D traditional animation knowledge. Capability in capturing and transmitting the acting personality to the characters
      • Excellent communication skills to convey creative and technical information. Preferred very good communication in English.
      • Be able to keep calm in the often challenging, high-pressured environment both inside and in the vendor’s pipe line .
      • Strong leadership skills, Diplomacy and professionalism with great problem solving skills.
  • Eligibility / Experience

    Professional Experience

      • 5 years of experience as a Supervisor or at least 10 years animation direction experience
      • Experience of 15 or more years in Flash and Toon Boom animation production for television, film or visual effects.
  • More Details

    Main Duties and Functions

      • Works directly with the show Director, Head of Production, Layout & BG department, to ensure all technology aspects of animation are ready to deliver as per the show requirements.
      • Interpret the brief from the Director and Producer, and effectively communicate and implement  to the animation team to execute the production on time and as per quality.
      • Strong Understanding of capturing the essence of story narrative, as given in Storyboards / Animatics and then translate / improvise and improve into animation whenever it requires.
      • Guide, supervise and review the work produced by the Animators.
      • Responsible for keeping the quality of the animation level through staging, key animation, in between and clean up (clean up ,in between if required) upto the TQC level.
      • Working with different vendors and their team lead communicates and gets the best out of them.
      • Keep track of story and continuity issues in the storyboard and come up with effective solutions.
      • Strong technical knowledge in both FLASH and Toon Boom so that if required he/she can perform as working animation director.
      • Conducts meetings with the relevant departments to effectively communicate and smooth out production related issues.
      • Keep up with the current technology, trends and tools  to make the process smoother and efficient. Come up with different styles of animation with new technology.