Animatic Artist – Freelancers

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Animatic Artist – Freelancers

August 18, 2020
  • Description/Profile

    Job Description

      • Reading the script and meeting the director to discuss the mood and overall theme of the story.
      • Ability to create storytelling images/storyboards that are timed along with sound to create a pre-animated visualization for animation.
      • Strong understanding of visual storytelling, like improvising the gags, adding entertainment values through visuals.
      • Must hold a strong sense of animation timing, drawing skills , character anatomy, key  posing ,attitude, expressions  and an eye for shot compositions.
      • Visualizing scenes from the camera viewpoint, plotting character positions, angles, and other elements in each scene.
      • Ability To choreograph action/gag shots as per the medium(2D/3D) or show style.
      • Visualizing scenes as per size relation, staging, framing, composition, perspectives based on the  mood of the story .
      • Strong understanding of story narrative, pacing, high and low point of story.
      • Understanding of editing skill to make the narrative crisper and focused on the subject.
  • Eligibility / Experience

    Minimum of 3-5 years working as a storyboard/animatic artist on animation projects for Broadcasters.

  • More Details

    Preferred Skills/Competencies

      • Strong understanding of drawing characters, Key Poses  and basic layout skills.
      • A flair in visual-storytelling, shot setting and compositions.
      • Understanding of form, shape and design.
      • A good sense of  timing.
      • Editing and exporting audio and video elements.
      • Technically sound in software usage.
      • Strong understanding of the language (English/Hindi) and ability to act the shots as per the mood of the dialogue.

    Software Knowledge

      • Adobe Flash
      • Adobe Animate CC
      • Storyboard Pro
      • Adobe Premiere or any other editing software