2D Animatic Artist

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2D Animatic Artist

  • Description/Profile

    Responsibilities and Duties

    • Understand and interpret requirements from concept, Script.
    • Create Timed Storyboard from the given Script within the stipulated time frame, understanding the budget and the production cost. Camera angles and sequence choreography should be planned based on these aspects.
    • Complete understanding of storytelling, flow of the narrative, pacing of the story.
    • Understanding the medium of animation. 2D/3D/stop motion etc.
    • Understand Director’s vision and perform as per show requirements. Properly sync with the art director and designer.
    • Should have strong understanding of animation, as this animatics will be the guidance for the animation director.
    • Should have Timing/Acting/layout/Design/ Composition/ Framing/ Lighting sense.
    • Should have structural understanding of Scene building/ Sequence setup/ cut pattern/ axis theory etc.
    • Good drawing ability to communicate the act with client and production team.
    • Should have fine sense of editing.
    • Should be able to generate 11 minutes approved animatic per month


  • Eligibility / Experience

    2-3 years

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