Toonz Media Group owned YouTube channel ‘Chotoonz’ reached 1 million subscribers on June 17. Conceived in 2013, Chotoonz had a very humble beginning. An initial team specialised in digital strategy and promotions was put in place in 2015 and by April 2016, the channel had 100K subscribers. Then within just over a year, it amassed a staggering 900K more subscribers to join the 1Million club. Thanks to its iconic shows like ‘Rat-A-Tat’ and ‘Cat & Keet, the channel has a huge and loyal fan base with around a 100 million views per month. The relentless and strategic planning from the expert team, Chotoonz is indeed a success story. Drawing confidence from this success, Toonz has also launched various YouTube channels in different languages and targeted at various age group. Chotoonz targets kid between 6-12 years from around the world and serves slapstick comedy content for viewers from over 120 countries.